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2019 Series

Date Topic Speaker(s)
Tuesday 28th May Protein, Fat & Fibre - The Three Pillars for Chronic Enteropathies
Dr. Craig Ruaux Massey University, New Zealand
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Tuesday 25th June Are they getting enough? - Improving our inpatient care
Dr. Katrin Swindells Western Australian Emergency and Specialty (WAVES), Perth, WA
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Tuesday 23rd July Attracting and retaining customers - what are the key steps and how do we use them better? Register Details
Tuesday 20th August Juvenile Dentistry: what could possibly go wrong at this age?
Dr. Anthony Caiafa North Coast Veterinary Services
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Tuesday 24th September How to create a positive experience for cats and their owners' - findings from the COPE* study Register Details
Tuesday 29th October Dystocia, Discharges & Desexing
Dr. Stuart Mason Monash Veterinary Clinic, VIC
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Tuesday 12th November Cutaneous Oncology - the latest from the 2019 ANZCVS Science Week meeting
Dr. Debbie Simpson The Skin Vet, Auckland
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Tuesday 26th November Debunking Dermatology myths
Dr. John Hutt Dermatology for Animals, Brisbane
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